Finishing the PhD

As is my wont, I have set myself multiple new year resolutions. Writ large at the top of the pile is finishing my PhD within the funding period, which lasts until September – less than nine months.

It’s a strange feeling to actually be at this stage. When I started the PhD process three years seemed like a long time, and I didn’t spare much thought for the actual achievement in itself. It’s not that I didn’t think I could manage it – I  always feel that most things are achievable with perseverance and effort, if you possess the right skillset. It’s more so that the eventuality seemed like a distant spec on the horizon.


Suddenly I’m in the home straight, and I have the following to complete:

  • Finishing touches to my initial qualitative investigation chapter (jobseeker interviews/focus group)
  • Writing up of my survey results
  • Focus group with careers practitioners in the spring
  • Writing up of focus group results
  • Writing up a discussion chapter
  • Updating the literature review chapter
  • Writing up the rest of the thesis (introduction, conclusion, recommendations etc. etc.)

I’m not there yet, and the challenge is not inconsiderable. But I really enjoy the process of writing up, and as such, am optimistic about 2017.



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