ISIC conference 2016

Now that the curtain has drawn on a rather mediocre summer here in Scotland (in terms of the weather, that is), I am thankful for the opportunity to chase some autumnal sunshine on the Adriatic coast in the coming week.

It’s not all sun, sea and sand though. The trip centres around the 2016 “Information Seeking in Context” conference at the University of Zadar, Croatia. My contribution to the event will be at the doctoral workshop on the Tuesday, and the presentation of an academic poster on the Wednesday (pictured below).


This should be a great opportunity for me to showcase my work, which slots neatly into the theme of the conference. The study of networking jobseekers provides an information seeking context which has yet to be explored from the theoretical perspective of information behaviour theory. As such, it is of great interest to me to be critiqued by others in the field, particularly as I move into the latter stages of the PhD.

My project is gathering momentum. Soon I will be finished collecting data, and will be pushing forward to the analysis and writing up stages. My grip on the topic is definitely tightening. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the findings in the near future, and asserting my contribution to knowledge in the fields of job search and information science.

I will also be joined at the conference by my Centre for Social Informatics colleagues Iris Buunk, Lyndsey Jenkins, and Frances Ryan.


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