Interview for PhD adventures podcast

Alicja Pawluczuk from the Centre for Social Informatics here at ENU has started a podcast to accompany her blog, “PhD adventures”. The first episode of the podcast features me answering questions about my PhD experience so far, self-discipline/self-compassion during the PhD, and (the seemingly pervasive in the community of academic researchers) imposter syndrome.

You can find the first episode by clicking here.

CoUNsZuXYAAREcb.jpg large

Image by: Alicja Pawluczuk,

The conversation was recorded at the end of a day of PhD writing hosted by Alicja, which was attended by me and another of my CSI colleagues, Iris Buunk. The actual process of writing can be surprisingly difficult, and requires some dedicated time and focus to get it underway – that’s why I think these writing initiatives are a great idea.

To give you an idea of what a PhD writing group is all about, have a look at this blog post by Frances Ryan (also of the CSI), who along with Iris, has co-created and co-ordinated a series of Write Now sessions at ENU for PhD students and academics alike.



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